Welcome To Your Hero's Journey
Bring out the Herculean man you know is inside of you


Weekly Challenges

  1. Find an Aim Within the Group
  2. Early Morning Challenge
  3. Breathwork Challenge
  4. Find A Competition
  5. Steps vs. Screen Time
  6. Exercise in Nature or a Historically Significant Place
  7. Make the Right Sacrifice (Choose Water over Regular Beverage)
  8. Refine You Aim for the Group
  9. Food Journal
  10. Take a Victory from a Loss
  11. Fasted Exertion
  12. Define Your Athletic Hero
  13. Prepare the Road Ahead

Virtuous Habit Stacking

  1. Wake Up Early
  2. Bone Broth / Water First
  3. Breathwork (Box Breathing)
  4. Movement
  5. Reading

Additional Habits

  1. Cold Exposure