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Private Members Forum

Our forum is the beating heart of our club. You’ve failed alone now succeed with a community. This dynamic forum gives you connection to Dylan and Jordan as well as your other club members. Reach out, search for members in your area and plan real life meetups.  Find exciting physical, intellectual, and spiritual challenges and challenge your club members as well. Share wins and become vulnerable in your losses, your club members will pick you up. Find tons of practical information on nutrition, mindset, food, learn about inspiring stories from history and mythology, and probe deep into the philosophy of connecting body, mind, and spirit.

Hero Club Updates
Find out what’s new and exciting on the site.

Club Member Challenges 
Check in to see challenges set up by Jordan and Dylan. Members can also create challenges for you fellow Hero’s Journey Club Members. Come see what other members are challenging you to take up!

Wins and Losses
Share your wins along the journey to inspire other Club
Members and post your losses to let your Club Members pick you up when you are down

Nutrition and Food
Share tips and strategies that are working for you around food and nutrition. Ask questions and let other members and Dylan provide answers.

Mythology and History
Share inspiring stories from history and mythology to help motivate other members. Ask questions and let other members and Jordan provide answers.

Community / Open Space
Find other heroes in your area and plan real life meetups and workouts. List new topics of discussion and drive conversation around important topics not covered in the other forums.

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