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80/20 Mindset
1 Lesson Short Course on incorporating an 80/20 understanding into your personal development journey. Jordan and Dylan will add lessons over time to provide greater depth and applicability.

You fail to make changes because you don’t give yourself enough room to make mistakes along the way. In this short course we introduce you to the 80/20 mindset. Inspired by Aristotle’s idea of moderation and balance, you’ll learn how to properly audit your success in committing to health and fitness. We show you how to use this powerful decision making system to make the right choices when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Stop quitting because you’re too hard on yourself and learn to enjoy the process of becoming healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Inside Lesson 1 you’ll learn::
What is the 80/20 mindset?
Aristotle’s idea of ‘moderation’ as it relates to your life
Tips to avoid the extremes of ‘all or nothing’ attitudes
Advice on how to implement the 80/20 mindset to your daily decisions

Course Benefits:
Learn how to give yourself grace during hard transformations
Foundation for a holistic approach to health and wellness

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