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Bring out the Herculean man you know is inside of you

ebook the athletic hero


Use history’s power to aim at your highest potential.
Sport Historian and Philosopher Dr. Goldstein reveals history’s secrets to provide powerful lessons you can use to better your life and community. Be the hero in a world of victims, give back your participation trophies and step into the realm of athletic legends

What inspired Dr. Goldstein to write the book?
There’s a general weakness in our culture today. Weak thinkers, weak bodies, and weak souls. Weakening traditions, weakening communities, and weakening societies
It’s apparent in the cheapening of sport, the obesity epidemic, and the destruction of Western history and tradition
The ideas in this book are the powerful tonic needed to turn weakness into strength
What’s it about?
Did you know that the athlete is actually a mythological idea that aims individuals towards their best selves through uniting body, mind, and spirit?
The Athletic-Hero ideal provides a model for individuals on how to live their best possible life
But it’s not just individuals that flourish when they adopt Athletic-Heroism
Dr. Goldstein uncovered a lost connection between Athletic-Heroism and the societal advancement of liberty and individual human flourishing.
What’s in it for me?
If you need inspiration to start moving your body with purpose. If you have a curious mind that doesn’t accept being told how to think. If you want to find a deeper meaning in your love of exercise. This book has the answers for you
It points you to a life devoted to physical excellence. It gives you powerful knowledge to defend the individual, athletics, and the West. It aims you toward a meaningful life rooted in ancient wisdom
Learning Highlights:
Why athletics matter for individual development
About the first civilizations who participated in athletic-type behavior
The origins and practices of the Ancient Olympic Festival
The mythological roots of athletics in Greek Culture
How athletics represented a Greek cultural, military, and aesthetic renaissance
Why Herakles (Hercules) is the archetype of the Athletic-Hero
How famous ancient Greek athletes lived out the Athletic-Hero ideal
How the idea of the Athletic-Hero created ancient Greece’s greatest poetry
Why even Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all celebrated athletics and the athlete
The links between athletic celebration, individual flourishing, and the advancement of liberty