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Understanding Nutrition

Getting your diet right is hard. Most don’t know where to start without being overwhelmed in the process. Making Nutrition and Diet easy to understand is Dylan’s “Bread and Butter”. That’s why he created Understanding Nutrition,  to help you sort through all the bullshit you read

In Understanding Nutrition, these complex and confusing topics are broken down in easy to understand terms and explanations. With no basis for any fad diet or ideology in the nutritional realm. This book is loaded with infographics for you so have an easy visual understanding of the points that Dylan conveys in the text. There are additional video explanations and thoughts on each topic covered in the book for a more simple way to understand nutrition.

Topics include:
•Calories; What calories are and why they are important
•Protein; What protein is, the benefits of increased protein, how to increase intake, and a list of go-to protein options
•Carbohydrates; What carbohydrates are, why we need them, and go-to carb options
•Fats; What fats are, different types of fats, vitamins, and nutrients associated with fat intake
•Electrolytes and Hydration; What electrolytes are, the importance of consuming them, where to find them, and how to properly gauge our hydration for health
•How to Read a Nutrition Label; What each section is, what the numbers and words represent, and uncommon knowledge of FDA rules that affect labeling practices
•Gut Health; What gut health is, why we should be focused on maintaining a healthy gut environment, signs of a poor gut environment, and how to maintain a healthy gut environment
•Mindfulness; Building mindfulness and awareness to unlock your ability to control cravings and poor eating habits